The analysis about “Hengshan Mountain In Hunan Province”

The speaker of the blog is Sara Jaaksola, and she is a Finnish girl. Sara lives in Guangzhou since 2010. She likes china very much. The audiences are her friends, people who are interested in Chinese civilization and people want to know more about what life is like in china. By writing this blog, Sara wants to share tips on living in china, tell people about living in china and teach people how to study Chinese language. Sara use photos, messages to let people know what is china like.

On the post “Hengshan Mountain In Hunan Province”, Sara uses “Links” “Travelchinaguide” and “OP Youth Hostel” to give audience some tips about travel in china. She said the OP Youth Hostel is clean and has excellent service. I think the links can support speaker’s purpose to give tips to audience. These two links as advice can help audience solve some problems.


Photos are the focus of the post. These photos are very beautiful. These show audience the beauty of china and some local culture. These photos are about sunset, the river, and the snow of the mountain. The speaker did not tell audience how beautiful the mountain is. She posts some photos to let these photos speak for themselves.  I think these photos can support the speaker’s purpose. These photos can explain what the mountain is like. By looking at these photos we can directly have a visual feeling about how beautiful the mountain is. Audience can exactly know the Hengshan Mountain. After watching these photos, I want to visit Hengshan Mountain by myself.


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